Please read these guidelines before heading out to the festival!

OFFICIAL CAMP ADDRESS: 4722 Mellow Rd. White Hall, MD 21161 at Camp Hidden Valley. See this a map of the grounds here.

These festival guidelines are important, and they are put in place to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend. We reserve the right to add to these guidelines as it is deemed appropriate. WE KNOW THESE GUIDELINES ARE LONG; BUT PLEASE READ THROUGH ALL OF THEM.

This is an outdoor festival in a natural environment. There are certain risks associated with these activities and by attending you agree to accept full responsibility for yourself and your actions.  That said, the Festival rules listed below are conditions of entry and failure to observe these rules may result in eviction from the festival.

General Festival Rules

  • NO WEAPONS OF ANY KIND (Stage props need to be pre-approved)
  • NO INDIVIDUAL CAMPFIRES. There is a total fire ban  in the camp sites. You can, however, bring propane camp stoves. We will have several main bonfires in approved fire rings. Also, don't bring any outside wood, there is enough on the ground to feed the flames.
  • NO SMOKING  OR VAPING INSIDE CAMP BUILDINGS. Also no lit candles inside any building.
  • NO POP-UP VENDING; if you want to vend please pay the vendor fee (email to for information); unregistered vending is not permitted and is grounds for ejection
  • No ATV or dirt bikes
  • You must wear your wristband at all times, do not tamper with it. If it is damaged, it will not be replaced.

The festival  runs from 2 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 14 to noon Sunday, Sept. 17. Music begins Thursday at 6 p.m. . On Friday and Saturday, music starts at noon. Outdoor music ends all days at 10 p.m. Music continues indoors in the Hall after-hours.  Specific workshops, locations and times TBA.

Shadow Woods Metal Fest is 21 +.

Advanced tickets are preferred for Shadow Woods Metal Fest. You can purchase tickets online at The ticket link is here.  All the prices and availability is listed online at the ticket link, that said, we know that some of you will pay at the gate, especially for day tickets.  Credit cards are preferred for gate sales.  But save everyone the hassle and just buy your tickets in advance.

NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL:  Beer and wine will be sold on site. Do not bring any outside beer or wine to the fest. Coolers will be subject to search. Drink responsibly. Do not drink and drive.

DRIVING: Please drive safely and responsibly to the festival and on the fest grounds. Road safety is a big priority. Please pay attention to the following guidelines. The speed limit is 5 MPH on festival grounds. SLOW THE FUCK DOWN. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT: Local police may also come onto festival grounds and walk through. Local police may conduct random sobriety checks outside of the festival. This is in the interests of public road safety for both the event and the local community, and we can't stress enough how important it is to make sure you are sober before driving into and out of the festival grounds. If you are not sober enough to drive,  DO NOT DRIVE. We would rather have you crash in a friend's tent than risk a DUI or worse.

WE WANT TO LIMIT THE AMOUNT OF TRAFFIC TRAVELING INTO AND OUT OF THE FEST. Please bring what you need and don't travel back and forth unnecessarly. That said, your wristband allows unlimited re-entry. Wristbands will be checked at re-entry for every person in your car. Unfortunately, there are some people who choose to sneak in to the festival to avoid paying or contributing. This is unfair to everyone and damages the festival. To discourage this behavior further, not only will the person found be refused entry – but also all the passengers in the car will be banned as well for being accessories, and no ticket refunds will be issued. Don't do it!

PARKING IS LIMITED; CARPOOLING IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED! Make a friend, share the ride. One way to find out about rides and ask other fest related questions  is to join the Shadow Woods Attendee Group on Facebook. Go to this link and request to join.


PARKING: If you are tent camping, staying in a cabin or performing, you can pull your vehicle into the camp driveway to check in at registration. After you get your wristband, you may drive your vehicles into the camping areas and park near your tent as space permits. You may park within the camp anywhere where there is NO GRASS. Keep all roadways clear.  Do not drive on the hiking trails or foot paths. Once the camp director determines that no more cars can park near camping areas, the interior lot will be filled with vehicles. We want to keep all cars within the camp or in the interior lot. This is why carpooling is important. Do not block building entrances or any paved or gravel driveway. Do not park on the public roadways or in anyone's driveway.

NOTE TO PERFORMERS: If you are performing, security will direct you toward the stage where you are playing so that you can unload your gear. You will then have to park your vehicle. For the most part, you can leave your vehicle near your stage to load gear in and out, but later you will need to park either near where you are camping or in the interior lot as space permits.

Come directly to the registration table located inside the festival grounds on the camp driveway. You will need to complete a liability waiver at the gate. Every person, including band members, must fill out and sign this form. At registration you will receive a wrist band, a camp map and program and other information, such as where you can camp or where your cabin bed is. Security reserves the right to check your cooler or any of your bags.

The main marketplace is in the dining hall. Vendors may arrive as early as Thursday at noon and should be set up and ready for sales by 6 p.m.. Vendor hours continue until 10 p.m. each day. On Friday and Saturday, vendors should be ready for sales by noon each day. Vendors may drive their vehicles up to the dining hall and unload, but must park their car either where you are camping or in one of the lots afterwards. Each table is a 10ft long wooden table. Outlets are located along the walls, but you may need extension cords. Bring tablecloths for your table, as the surfaces may vary. At the end of each night, vendors should remove cash and pack merch away and under tables or cover and secure your table. There are some events going on in the hall after hours but they will end at 2 a.m. Security will shut down the hall overnight, but do not leave valuables in the hall. Food vendors may set up along the fence near the pool, and we may have some other options for you as well.  Security will direct you to the best spots for food vending.

Since this fest is NOT AT A CAMPGROUND, there are no marked off camping sites or pads. There are woods and there is a field. Theoretically, you can camp wherever you want, but there are probably places that are better suited for it than others. Campers usually set up tents in the field at the opposite end from where the field stage,  in the wooded areas near the cabins or near the woodland amphitheater and chapel, but you can wander further in if you wish.  You could also camp down near the creek but bear in mind that it is an uphill hike back to amenities like bathrooms, food, water and the stages. Do not wander too far away from the central areas of the camp, as it is easy to wander off onto private property. Respect our neighbors. You are also free to move your tent if your first location is not to your liking.

Modern indoor plumbing is located in the pool house, the cabin bathhouse, the dining hall,  and the first aid station building. Showers are located in the pool house and in the cabin bath house. You must provide your own towel, soap and shampoo. In addition, there will be several rental toilets located on the property near the field stage and down near the woodland amphitheater.

You may bring on your own food. Small propane camp stoves are permitted. NO individual campfires are permitted. There are no grills onsite and charcoal grilling is not permitted. We will have several food vendors on site with vegan, gluten-free, omnivore and coffee selections. Food vendors will have breakfast, lunch and dinner available beginning Thursday evening. There is no reason to leave the camp to find food.

Our First Aid Station is located in the Security Headquarters Building closest to the Field Stage. Two members of our security staff are certified EMTs. If you have a medical concern, contact security and someone will either meet or transport you to First Aid. The closest 24-hour pharmacy is Walgreens at 2016 Rock Spring Road., Forest Hill MD 21050 and the closest hospital is the University of MD Upper Chesapeake Medical Center at 500 Upper Chesapeake Drive Bel Air, MD 21014;  443-643-1000.

PACK OUT ALL YOUR TRASH! Please care for and respect Camp Hidden Valley. We are all gathering to share a beautiful space and following these simple guidelines will help make this possible. We want to respect the property that our venue owners are letting us use. If can can’t return it to them in as good or better condition than how we found it, we cannot have this festival here again. Carry out what you carried in. PICK UP ALL THE CIGARETTE BUTTS AND BEER CANS!


  • Camping must occur within the camp property, do not camp in the parking lot.
  • RV camping is limited, please inquire at Note, there are NO RV hookups.

The key to an enjoyable time outdoors is a little forethought and planning. Although we put a lot of work in to making Shadow Woods Metal Festival as safe as possible, the reality is, you are ultimately responsible for your own comfort and safety. Taking all the right things along can make the difference between an awesome and a difficult weekend. Furthermore, there is an art to setting up a great campsite, and you'll definitely notice some pro campers at the festival. But you don't need to wait until you arrive onsite to figure out what you should have brought.

  • Tent - sleep is important and there's nothing like heading back to your comfy spot after a day of head-banging.
  •  Inflatable Mattress - Why not be extra comfy !!
  • Blankets - the nights can be cold and blankets can be handy for daytime picnic chill spots, too.
  • Flashlight - your best friend at nighttime.
  • Water; vendors will also be selling it
  •  Hat & Sunscreen – the sun is still out in the fall
  • Tarp & Poles - make a shady space to chill out and hang with friends
  • Hat, Sunscreen & Sunglasses
  • Warm & spare clothes
  • Raingear if it looks like it is going to be wet
  • Spending money (food stalls, vendors etc.) - there is no ATM’s on site!!! Some vendors will take credit cards.
  • If you are staying in a cabin, bring pillow, blankets and a sleeping bag. Eye mask and ear plugs are also probably a good idea since the cabins are NOT PRVATE. The cabins are bunkhouse style, like summer camp, because it IS A SUMMER CAMP
  • Portable ashtray & trash bags for your campsite; don't toss your ciggy butts on the ground! REPEAT, we can leave NO CIGARETTE BUTTS ON THE GROUNDS. Pack out your trash and put it in the dumpster on your way out. Security will have extra trash bags if you need them.
  • Toilet paper, just in case we run out in the bath houses
  • Bug spray (never needed any last year, but who knows)
  • Camp chair(s), hammocks
  • Swim suit/float for the creek weather permitting. THE POOL WILL BE CLOSED.
  • Drinking horn!

Once you've covered the essentials, get creative! Why not bring something to make your campsite beautiful, interesting and unique. A banner of your favorite band or a flag perhaps? Might help finding your tent at the end of the day a little easier too. We had several themed encampments last year!


  • Check the website before leaving for the event for any final updates and information. Check the weather!
  • Make use of local businesses and facilities - This helps create positive economic flow from the festival to the local community.
  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors camped next to you and look out for each other’s belongings.
  • Don't bring unnecessary valuables. It's a good idea to just bring what you really need and anything valuable should be something you can keep on your person at all times or left at home. The festival cannot take responsibility for your personal belongings.
  • If you do see a criminal act taking place, please alert a member of the security staff.
  • Look after your friends and others. If someone looks like they need help, offer it.
  • Remember to drink enough water, dehydration can occur even on overcast days.
  • Drive safely at all times, a 5 MPH speed limit applies to the entire festival area. If possible park your car and leave it there for the entirety of the fest. Why would you leave? You might miss something!
  • Familiarize yourself with the festival area when you arrive, take note of the location of First Aid, water, and restrooms and identify security.
  • Be considerate of people's privacy and of the performers when using camera equipment. Speaking of photography, WE DO NOT OFFER PRESS PASSES but anyone is welcome to take photos during the fest as long as the persons being photographed are aware and the bands have not expressly prohibited it.


OFFSITE ACCOMMONDATIONS: Although most Shadow Woods attendees camp onsite, there are many hotel chains located within a 30 minute drive to the festival grounds. If you would like to explore those options, we suggest using a website such as Expedia and searching for hotel closest to the camp address. Click here for some suggestions.

WHEW! That's about it. If you have other questions, ask in the Facebook group and we are sure someone will have advice for you. Check the event page and the Shadow Woods Metal Fest Page for up-to-the-minute updates. If you still have not found your answer, email .

We can't wait to see you all in September!